Leading for Regeneration now available in the U.S.

Leading for Regeneration: Going beyond sustainability in business, education, and community (Routledge), can now be purchased in the US.

Order online at http://www.routledge.com/books/details/9780415692458
For a 20% discount online, use discount code ERJ78

This book presents the Regenerative Leadership Framework that has emerged from the author’s doctoral research and consulting work with corporate executives, leaders of NGOs, government officials, and researchers and innovators in higher education, all of whom were identified as successful sustainability leaders in their respective fields. The framework synthesizes the levels of awareness, the leadership styles and behaviors, and the organizational arrangements that correlate most significantly across these domains in the pursuit of what Bill McDonough, among others, have called the triple top line: “How can we grow prosperity, celebrate community, and enhance the health of all species for all time?” The theory of change behind the framework is grounded in two core premises:

§ Behaviors may drive change, but they can only be as effective as the level of consciousness that initiates them, and of the capacity to work effectively with the complex systems in which they operate. Therefore,

§ We need to focus as much attention at the causal level of our consciousness as we do on the effects produced by our behaviors (e.g. our contribution to climate change originates in a flaw in human consciousness, not in a rational [or irrational] decision to self-destruct). This is where authentic regenerative change and sustainability can take place.

This requires a mindset willing to radically redesign itself before it can attempt to redesign a more sustainable, just, and prosperous future.

Among its major findings, the book shows how the more evolved sustainability leaders work to promote a profound cultural shift towards regenerative human systems in their organizations. In these transformed cultures, people develop a strong collective sense of purpose driven by a powerful, realizable shared vision, and leadership is exercised horizontally and collaboratively. Leaders and followers engage multiple internal and external stakeholders in generative conversations conducive to designing economically viable, desirable futures which are then ‘backcasted’ into sustainable solutions that possess the smallest possible unanticipated consequences. Throughout the transformation process, examples abound of the critically important “inner work” practiced by leaders that has led to real, lasting, and increasingly regenerative change.


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