Sustainability: The Business Case

There is growing evidence that sustainability is no longer just the good thing to do, but smart business.

However, a common challenge for sustainability leadership consultants is how to respond to the question, ‘There are those of us who are still skeptical about the economic viability of implementing a sustainability plan.’

The best response to this outdated perspective is to take a look at the numbers. Sustainable business development and investing worldwide since 2004 has suprassed 1 trillion US dollars. In 2011 alone, green investments in the U.S. have been estimated at 28 billion dollars, up from 20 billion in 2009, and this figure is projected to reach 35 billion in 2014 despite the recession (See Sustainability: The Next 3 to 5 years [Enviance]).

One of the companies we work with in south Florida, Dirt Pros EVS, is currently ranked as the 6th fastest growing company in Florida, and 232nd in the U.S. (Inc. 500/5000). Central to their success is their comprehensive Sustainability Plan coupled to unparalleled Corporate Social Responsibility in a highly competitive industry  (see

Having the real facts at our fingertips can set the tone for traditionally resistant boardrooms to sit up and listen.


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