PureField: Consciousness Development as Applied Technology for Sustainability

Emerging from the energy work we have been conducting on ourselves and with others, PureField is fast becoming an initiative we want to share more broadly in order to engage in a conversation and practice for deep regeneration and sustainability. As we state on our website at http://purefieldweb.com:

PureField is designed to be a transformative spiritual resource through the co-creation of experiences centered in the heart. Our intent is to reach a deeper understanding of our evolutionary journey leading to lasting individual and social transformation. We base this intent on three universal principles shared by all beings:

   ♦ The right to connect to the universal light or energy that sustains all existence.
   ♦ The right of every individual to learn and evolve.
   ♦ The inviolability of individual free will.
These core principles underlie our unlimited potential to fulfill our life purpose and our highest aspirations. They are activated from our source of consciousness, seated in the area of our heart.  Why is this important? The heart is the engine that sustains our physical bodies and its energy (morphic) field entrains the frequencies of the brain’s waves. As heart and mind learn to operate together at higher levels of resonance, great things begin to happen.
One key practice to achieving this higher level is meditation. Through meditation we are able to access the essence of who we are. When we meditate from the center of the heart – the zero-point field – we are able to reconnect to our essential being. In this enlightened state, we become more able to clarify the meaning and purpose of our lives, and we can tap into the field of unlimited possibilities in order to manifest healthier, more abundant outcomes.
A second key practice is the development of what we have called consciousness technology tools that serve to remove old emotional and mental patterns from our morphic field, redirect our free will as the driver of our life goals, and raise the quality of our intention for improving the quality of life for all. 
For more information on our work, contact us at jhardman@regenerativeorganizations.com

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